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We call ourselves an educational platform -like schools or universities, where people go in order to learn, expand their horizons and develop intellectually and personally for then being able to build up a successful future for themselves.

We have created this platform by embracing the powerful energy that the expression “Financial Independence” holds. This is also our vision: help individuals access their inner power,connect to it , understand it’s value, find their purpose so that they can build a better future with their own hands.

Rich or Poor’s mission is to offer something that traditional education platforms fail to at this moment in time : financial education: through courses, webinars , mentoring and a strong community where people can find all the resources needed to begin turning trading into a constant source of income.


Razvan Păhuță - US Indices and High Mcap Crypto Trader and Trainer

His trading experience started over 3 years ago, all through this time he’s invested in Trading and Mindset education courses and seminars alongside some of the best traders and coaches in this industry all over the world. 

He realised how important is it to constantly educate yourself right after his business failed. Although he was surrounded by debt and people knocking on his door to collect, he decided to sell all his assets in order to invest in this direction. 
This does not come as a recommendation to anyone to do the same, for him it was the best decision to make.
After travelling across Europe to complete his formation as a trainer, he realised something : learning one or many trading strategies is rather easy and applying them in the market can also seem simple. The harder part comes when you confront all your emotions while implementing what you learned, all the negative beliefs and destructive emotions we carry with us for all our lives.

Many attempts and money lost later, becoming successful, he managed to create not just strategies, but entire systems for trading that can be adapted to fit each individual’s personality and can also rapidly generate profits.

He then decided to share these with other people, believing that the ones joining him will not have to suffer as much and can arrive to become profitable in less time by giving them the chance to learn the shortcut he has learned through so many attempts.

Introduction to trading
Basic concepts
Become familiar with this activity, and learn how you can leverage existing information into growing your financial wellbeing.
Financial markets
What are the markets you can trade, what does it mean to buy or sell a market, and how can you do it too .
Trading styles
Learn what is your most suitable trading style, dependig on the time you wish to allocate and the dinamic of different strategies.
Charts and orders
Learn how to read a chart from any financial asses and how to place a buy or sell order.
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